Avalon Wellness Center


MarChessa has helped me with my mobility.  I am more flexible.  I feel like I'm more in control over my own health issues.  The days we work out together, I feel more energized throughout the entire day.  I have a more positive outlook on my health. 

Patricia H, Oklahoma

I knew MarChessa for several years before she began to work with me and my health problems.  In 2010, I was presented with the news that I was diabetic and needed to change my lifestyle.  I worked at it for a year or so, then happened to run into MarChessa in February 2013.  She told me she was into holistic counseling for people relating to health problems.  We met together and I was convinced I needed help to reach some of the goals I had of getting back to better health.  I immediately began working with her on my weight and diet troubles.

The results came amazingly fast to me.  I was soon on a program of weight loss and diet improvement that she laid out for me.  Within a year I dropped over 30 pounds, lost about 4 pant sizes, and was able to reach down and pick up a dropped coin on the floor.  I felt great!

She also was able to help me with problems with my kidneys that I was found to have.  I am not actively working with her, but I know now what I need to do if I let things get out of hand again.


Don S - Sherman Texas

After many years of trying one weight management program after another, Judy and I had pretty much given up hope of ever achieving long term weight loss.   That is until we "found" MarChessa.  From the beginning it was obvious she was living what she taught and her passion for helping people was evident.  Her approach is not about following a set of rules simply to lose weight.  It is about understanding what foods nourish our bodies in healthy ways so that we become stronger, more active and lose weight.  How much better can it get?

We are grateful for her efforts with us but more importantly, grateful we have gained a friend that truly has our best interests at heart.  Thank you MarChessa.  For everything.

Chris & Judy W - Sherman TX

Hi MarChessa,

I was just thinking about how much you have helped me with my weight management/loss.  I have worked for years with fairly good success, but with your help I found everything easier to accomplish.

1.  I found it is better to work with someone than to work alone.

2.  I realized that can be fun to be accountable to someone and be encouraged by them.

3.  You are such a pleasant person (extra bonus).

4.  You helped me be more focused and gave me so many beneficial suggestions!

In can help many people simplify their program, and they will love you for it.

I am so happy to have you as a friend and look forward to many more great days ahead.

Carole M - Arlington Texas


Thank you so much for your wonderful body work (aromatherapy massage).  I came to you stressed to the point of tears due to recent life's events plus anxiety due to impending dental work.  When I left your treatment room, I felt not just relaxation but a sense of peace that I have not felt in many weeks. This feeling of peace continued through the dental procedure and I am sure it is helping me to heal now two days later.

I look forward to seeing you again.

Deborah O- Paris Texas